About us

NeXt group - Let’s work together!


Who we are?

The independent lift industry needs a cooperation to be able to meet the challenges of digitization in the future. NeXt group is a worldwide development partnership of lift manufacturers, suppliers and other companies from the electronics and software industry.

NeXt group e.V. provide an unbiased platform for developments of standardized components and interfaces – for lifts and escalators – and promote the image of standardized interfaces.
It is a non-profitable industrial consortium, working for open standards and open source projects in the international lift and escalator business. Not only interfaces needs to be standardized, also hardware and software should and could be. 

The work has just begun, join us to change a moving world.

Circular economy should be included in all we do. Not only recirculation. NeXt group standardized interfaces, hardware installation, power supplies, connectors and facilitates the exchange and update of software and hardware over the service life of the lift.

NeXt group e.V. is an international, industry consortium, located in Germany. It was established in 2017 with the goals:

  • to pave the way for innovative electronic systems that further improve performance, safety and environmental friendliness,
  • to share development resources
  • to define open interfaces between components + services and reference platforms
  • to provide tools for development and configuration.

NeXt group e.V. is financed by membership fees. Currently 15 members have joined NeXt group. Have a look at our member list.

Everybody is invited to become a member. 


What we do

NeXt group members develop and publish reference hardware, software and tools for electronic devices for lifts and we actively support international standardization of interfaces in lifts.

How we work

Every NeXt group member has one vote in the annual NeXt group General Assembly, regardless of the company size or number of their employees. The NeXt group General Assembly elects the board of three directors. The Technical Director chairs the Technical Committee, the Business Director chairs the Business Committee, and the Managing Director is the chairs the association.

The NeXt group General Assembly votes for the Technical Committee and the Business Committee. The Technical Committee approves and coordinates the Special Interest Groups and the Business Committee compiles the general marketing guidelines and proposes the annual budget to the General Assembly.


Join the community!

Established in February 2017, the NeXt group e.V. nonprofit association provides a platform for the development of open source hardware and software. NeXt group members jointly develop specifications for different applications in lifts and escalators. The NeXt group community also finances our active participation in international standardization and organizes events in order to exchange knowledge and experiences. These opportunities for networking belong to the most important benefits of NeXt group membership.

NeXt group e.V. will also offer other services. These will include seminars and conferences, publications, plug-fests for testing of interfaces, and last but not least the promotion of open interfaces in lifts and escalators.

For more information please contact Geert Maurissen or Jörg Hellmich.