NeXt group Community

Open Global Community

NeXt group is a collaborative community of more than 20 organizations (2022) comprised of lift and component manufacturer driving the broad adoption of open source software and open technology for connected lifts and escalators.

NeXt group has successfully introduced Linux and open source software to the elevator industry through a community-based development model. This open source approach and the work produced by the NeXt group community have provided lift manufacturer and their suppliers with a flexible architecture allowing them to choose their preferred solutions to meet consumer needs.

An open community of reference hardware and code development projects is operated by NeXt group e.V..

Open Community of Code Projects

NeXt group e.V. hosts a growing number of open source projects on Google Drive and GitLab ( and invites both NeXt group members and non-members to host and to develop lift and escalator software and tooling that helps lift and component manufacturer to manage the growing cost and complexity of software systems in lifts and connected lift software solutions.

Code within a project is enhanced by contributors and committed to the project's code base through one or more maintainers. Tooling, contribution models, and the core processes used in projects are widely adopted as best practices in the open source community.

NeXt group board help individual projects to be successful and to track project community health. Governance of the community is provided by a combination of NeXt group technical leaders and its governing board of directors.