Rules of contribution NeXt group e.V.

1. Membership Fees

The amount of the membership fee is based on the number of employees of the member* who worked in the field of hoisting and conveying engineering in the previous year. The payment of the membership fee is due by 1st January of the financial year. Non-commercial institutions and universities pay no membership fee.  

The amount of the membership fees is shown in the following table:

Number of employees  Membership Fee (yearly)
more than 10.000 employees: 10.000 €
5.000 to 9.999 employees: 8.400 €
1.000 to 4.999 employees: 6.700 €
500 to 999 employees: 5.000 €
100 to 499 employees: 3.500 €
50 to 99 employees: 2.500 €
10 to 49 employees: 1.600 €
1 to 9 employees: 1.000 €
Private persons: 1.000 €
Universities (non-commercial): 0 €

* If the company is part of a group, the total employees of the group in the field of hoisting and conveying engineering must be indicated.
** Plus pro rata VAT

2. Joining during the financial year 

If a company joins during the current financial year, the contribution is 1/12 of the membership fee due for each subsequent month of the financial year. The contribution for the current financial year is due immediately after the admission.
The membership begins with the payment receipt.

3. VAT 

The fees mentioned are the net amounts. The statutory VAT needs to be added to it. The VAT is shown separately.

4. Exceptions 

The board of directors is authorised to grant exceptions from the contribution regulations in special cases.

5. Support contributions

In addition to their membership fees, the members can support NeXt group e.V. with support contributions. Support contributions are provided without appropriation and without consideration and can not be offset with the membership fees.

Everybody is invited to join the group. If you like to become a member or support open interfaces for lift please register here