Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH

Founded in 1850, the family-run company is able to look back on a long tradition. From the very beginning, MEILLER took it upon itself to manufacture innovative and high-quality products offering high benefit for customers in the construction and waste management industry.

As a Munich-based company, we have evolved from a blacksmith’s shop to a MEILLER subsidiary with global operations. MEILLER Aufzugtüren has made a name for itself as an international market leader with the production and sales of high-quality lift doors.

As one of the leading manufacturers, MEILLER has been producing lift doors for the entire European market for more than 60 years.

MEILLER has managed to recognise the changes occurring on the market at an early stage and adapt to the individual architectural design specifications and expectations on comfort. 


MEILLERs door portfolio of passenger and heavy goods lifts includes:

Landing and car doors, telescopic doors, swing doors and linked-panel sliding doors.

With approx. 150 highly qualified employees, MEILLER offers customers outstanding, all-round service in terms of advice and support on a daily basis.

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