Members only

NeXt group provide open projects like specifications, documentation, hardware and software for elevator, escalator, tools and cloud services unter free licences. All public projects developed by NeXt group members are available for download free of charge, also for non-members and can be used also for commercial purposes. However, some projects are only available for members of the NeXt group. There are several reasons for this.

NeXt group projects are developed in NeXt technical groups or provided by members and audited by NeXt technical groups. During the development process the projects are subject to constant changes and the adjustments are known only to the members. During this phase, the projects are only accessible for NeXt group members. Only when a project has reached a stable status it can be made public as a draft standard.

Members also have the opportunity to provide a project to NeXt group under a free license. The member can choose whether access to this project should be public or restricted to members.