NXg Lift Cloud Solution

Special Interest Group

The topic of NeXt group Special Interest Group (SIG) 'NXg Lift Cloud Solution' is the development of a specification & documentation of a manufacturer independent Lift Cloud Solution. This SIG was founded at 2018-04-25.


The Lift Cloud Solution in the end will be a complex system, made up from several API's. Some of them caring about collecting the data, some about processing them and some about providing processed data output for a third party.


This SIG will provide the architecture of a manufacturer-independent Lift Cloud Solution and the specifications of the various interfaces and services. The work takes place in different working groups for the individual APIs.

Working groups

Currently the following interfaces are developed:

Founding Members

This SIG NXg Lift Cloud Solution was founded by: 

License for this project

This project uses the MIT license

The specifications are developed within the NeXt group. Access to the Working Drafts is restricted to the members. When the elaborated specifications reach the Draft Standard, they are published under MIT license to the public.

Responsible people

The Project Maintainer of the SIG NXg Lift Cloud Solution is Nico Raschle, software engineer at Masora AG.